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Time for Change

Didn’t that what Obama say? Something like that, I decided I am going to change some things in life, well I had a major change in my life, and that big change was getting married to my girlfriend Jeniece. Along with these changes I am dedicated to being a great husband to my wonderful wife. Being married has made me change my ways on a few things that could drive a person crazy. Just a quick background on what I am talking about, Jeniece and I have been together for 6 years and have lived together for 3 years, it was getting to the point where I was treating her more as a room-mate and not my girlfriend, now my wife. Another thing I been doing which can drive a person crazy is the fact that I have been a clean freak and rather then being happy and feeling comfortable in my home I would be stressed out because I felt it was never clean enough, so I am laying off and time to chill out.

More changes include…. the end of ScottyCAM as of 9pm July 11th 2009, ScottyCAM will be no longer, I also have a crazy rutine that include over 100 websites that I visit daily, thats just dumb.

I am still going to blog, but not as often, I am going to focus on life and my wife. Thanks to everyone that has keep up with me over the years. FYI you can still video chat with me if I am online on Windows Live Messenger, my screen name is you can also email me at

See ya around.
“I love my wife”


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Scott’s LIVE Webcam

Well 10 years ago this month back in 1999 I was popular in the whole webcam world and thanks to the help of Gary over at I brought back Scott’s LIVE Webcam, but alot has changed since 1999, today we have fast broadband, live full HD streaming audio video and it does not cost a dime, except for your monthly cost for your internet service.





So check out Scott’s Live Webcam at or


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New Blog

Welcome to my all NEW blog, I decided to start a new blog, I was going to stop blogging, well it has been really hard not being about to rant and rave and vent, I know I could do that to say my girlfriend or something, but I am sure she gets tired of hearing me bitch, sometimes I would rather just type it out. This is going to be just a short first post. First of all, on the right side of this page is just a quick run down of me, if you would like to learn more about me, I recommend visiting my various links I have on the right hand side, you can check out my facebook page (feel free to add me as a friend), see all my digital pictures on my flickr photostream, and also I have a webcam that you can feel free to watch me like a fly on the wall. 😛

Well thats it for tonight. I look forward to writing here on WordPress, and meeting new people.

Thanks for the time,

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