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Jamed Packed

This is going to be a Jamed Packed post, not going to be blogging about one subject but going to be hitting on a few things, first of all. Does anyone live where they have a WinCo grocery store? Well a month ago we got our first WinCo Foods, which seems to try to out beat Wal-Mart on prices, they try to be the leader when it comes to a grocery store, two days ago we got our SECOND WinCo Foods, and as if one was not enough, lastnight we went to check out the new WinCo Foods and I am not impressed, we bought a few things, but just a handful of things because their prices were not better then Wal-Mart, only on a couple things that gets you in the door to buy those items, then your thinking ‘oh these prices are good’ well if you actually compare the prices between WinCo Foods and Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart was actually cheaper. First when you walk in, it reminds me of a foodbank, then like most grocery stores, you enter the Produce department first and right there I was not impressed with the quality of the produce, beings I work in the Produce department at Wal-Mart that is one thing I look at, as we walked around the store, I was looking at everything and they have alot of brands I have never heard of. The next items I was looking at was Soda/Pop prices and Wal-Mart is actually cheaper so moving right along. So we going through the checkout and the one thing that turns me off to WinCo Foods is that you have to bag your own grocerys which completly takes away the customer service. Will I go back? Just to get a couple of things like our Juice we drink because WinCo has the larger sizes.

All week I have been having nothing but problems with my home phone with Qwest, well more them problems, I dont have a dialtone, I cant make calls or receive calls, I have been on the phone with Qwest, they are even on Twitter, its been a week and they have not solved the problem, they keep telling me to do this do that, go out to the box. Mind you I live in an apartment. They ask me questions everyday I contact them (Via Twitter) Have you contacted the repair department today? HELLO MORON…. I CANT USE MY PHONE. I told them I am not going to pay a dime till they fix it. I am actually going to cancel the service because I dont care to pay my money to a bunch of morons. A week ago I canceled my DSL through Qwest because it just stopped working, I went into the DSL Modems stats and it said that it could not connect and please contact the help desk, I call up Qwest, they basicly said im a idiot and their service is working and there is nothing they can do for me. I hung up on the rude guy and called back the next day and canceled my account, now this week my home phone does not work.

I am about ready to bust out the Christmas Tree because it sure and hell feels like Winter again. It snowed 3+ inches overnight. Lastime I looked at the Calendar it was SPRING.


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How cool WordPress, I am so happy I am able to have a widget for my twitter updates, I am happy I decided to move my blog over to WordPress afterall. Feel free to follow me on twitter

I was reading news this morning and came across a story that in the state of California they are wanting to ban certain color cars, like the color black because they say lighter cars you will use your A/C less in the summer which is cause you to use less gas, and lighter cars stay cooler then darker cars. This made me think for a second, what color is all the cars that the president rides in? Black. Just something to think about.

People seem to be out and about spending money again according to CNN You can read the whole story here, I been hearing on the news that people are hording their money and not spending, which is causing all these business to have to fold and close their doors. Here in Spokane, Washington we have had very little impack as far people not spending Money, unless I live a sheltered life because I work at Wal-Mart, because we are always busy, doing better then last year.

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Happy Friday

It is a Happy Friday, well happy weekend to me, yep that is right I have the next two days off, and this week has been a LONG week, it just seemed to go by REALLY slow for some odd reason. I really dont have any plans to do anything other then go over to our parents houses, today was a rather good day for a change, everything seemed to go smooth, we got all the freight done this morning really fast and that left with really nothing to do after lunch, which how I plan my lunches is I go right before my five hour mark, get back from lunch then I only have three hours left, which that time I had left when I got back from lunch I did nothing but alot of cleaning beings we really did not have that much to do, so that made for a good Friday.

I am just waiting for Jeniece to get off, oh she is OFF, she just called. So I am going to wrap this up.

Enjoy this funny cartoon about twitter.

Are you a twitter?  feel free to add me.

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