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Rude People

Are news reporters really that rude when they are off camera? I was watching this local stations RAW LIVE news report that was being streamed live over the internet, and in between the TV report live feeds the news reporter was like “FUCK THIS, WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO BE HERE?” “THIS IS A WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME” she went on and on the entire time she was on the scene doing this news report, which happen to be a report of a Motel Fire, that affected 10 familys, and people loosing everything they have, I am sorry but being unemployeed, I would sure love to take her job, and actually like my job. Does she not like her job? Is your job really a waste of time? Well try being unemployeed. I am not saying being unemployeed is a bad thing, because it has had its great points, I have been able to spend more time with friends and family and also finally Marry my wonderful girlfriend who is now my wonderful wife. Life has been pretty good.

But anyways what gave her the right, while on the job, to talk shit like that? I am thinking she did not know she was live over the internet in between TV Broadcasts.

For the past month there has been a 04-05 Honda Civic sitting out on the street, it has just been sitting there with plates on it, nor a temp in the window, but prior to yesterday we really did not think anything of it, which now I wish I would of looked in the car before yesterday, we got yesterday and noticed someone sent a rock through the drivers side window, so I walked over to the car and looked in the window and the dash board was torn apart and the stearing colum was missing and it defently was hot wired and is to my understanding a stolen car, so my wife called the cops and I cant believe how fast they showed up, they were so excited, it was like “OH COOL ANOTHER STOLEN CAR” I am just happy the car is no longer on the street basicly an invite saying STEAL MY PARTS, or SOMETHING WE CAN TRASH. I feel bad whos ever the person owned the car.

I have pictures from the day my wife and I got married, so I hope to get those edited and put up soon.


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Well 10 years ago this month back in 1999 I was popular in the whole webcam world and thanks to the help of Gary over at I brought back Scott’s LIVE Webcam, but alot has changed since 1999, today we have fast broadband, live full HD streaming audio video and it does not cost a dime, except for your monthly cost for your internet service.





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