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Crappy Week Ahead

What a crappy week I have to look forward to, well on Tuesday I had to work an rather odd shift, which I had to work 9am to 6pm and I know some of you are saying, thats not a odd shift, thats normal, well it is not normal for me, for the past year I have been working everyday 4am to 1pm, then I got switched, now next week or this week the way I look at it, I have to work 1pm to 10pm, what the hell are they trying to do? Then the week after that I am back to 4am. The good thing about next week, starting Wednesday I will be on Vacation which I just got to get through this crappy week.

Well I am on my weekend, which brings me back to the crappy week, Jeniece had the last couple days off and I have today and tomorrow.

Well that is it for the rant and rave 🙂 I dont have all that much to share in this posting.  :o)



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