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Time for Change

Didn’t that what Obama say? Something like that, I decided I am going to change some things in life, well I had a major change in my life, and that big change was getting married to my girlfriend Jeniece. Along with these changes I am dedicated to being a great husband to my wonderful wife. Being married has made me change my ways on a few things that could drive a person crazy. Just a quick background on what I am talking about, Jeniece and I have been together for 6 years and have lived together for 3 years, it was getting to the point where I was treating her more as a room-mate and not my girlfriend, now my wife. Another thing I been doing which can drive a person crazy is the fact that I have been a clean freak and rather then being happy and feeling comfortable in my home I would be stressed out because I felt it was never clean enough, so I am laying off and time to chill out.

More changes include…. the end of ScottyCAM as of 9pm July 11th 2009, ScottyCAM will be no longer, I also have a crazy rutine that include over 100 websites that I visit daily, thats just dumb.

I am still going to blog, but not as often, I am going to focus on life and my wife. Thanks to everyone that has keep up with me over the years. FYI you can still video chat with me if I am online on Windows Live Messenger, my screen name is you can also email me at

See ya around.
“I love my wife”


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Long Time

Its been a long time since I blogged, so here I am, I really dont have anything to blog about, Jeniece and I started up a new website called NewCookerz.Com where you can find recipes for tonight’s dinner or tips and howto’s when it comes to cooking, please keep in mind that the website is a work in progress. The weather here has been nice, cold, wet, it has been typical spring weather, I am ready for warmer weather which they are calling weekend to be really nice and 70 degrees which I cant wait.

Is it just me or is the economy getting even more shitty? They say things will get better, my question is WHEN? It is just getting worse and I think President Obama has put the United States deeper and deeper in the hole and we all might as well be homeless and live in the streets and everyone be equal.

I been trying to find a new job because Wal-Mart sucks but there is just no one hiring, well this was a waste of a blog entry but being I have not blogged for awhile I thought I would at lease blog about something, I think the reason I have not blogged in awhile has to do with the weather getting better and spending less time on the computer, I started this blog on the May 14th, and here it is the 20th and I am just now finishing blogging. LOL I am such a loser, feel free to comment or email me at and give me a topic to blog about because I really have ran out of ideas.


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Problem Solving

I woke up this morning asking my self a couple questions, it was really weird that I woke wondering these things so I had to jump on the computer and open up notepad and jot them down and I told my self, hey that would be a good blog posting. So here we go, why are we solving problems by creating problems? Obama is bailing out all these banks, companys. Okay so that solves a problem, but it creates a problem because the money that is being used is just adding to our debt which creates a new problem, which really does not solve the problem.

This past Saturday from 8:30pm till 9:30pm was earth hour, that is where you shut off your lights and other powered equipment to conserve energy, okay what did that solve? It is going to take more then hour, now that brings me up to these new electric cars that they want you to buy to go ‘green’ you buy this nifty electric car, now at night when you have it parked in your garage you need to plug it in so it can charge, problem solved, now you can get in your nifty little green car and drive to work. Well you can get to work, but that is not conserving energy, your using energy/electricty whatever you want to call it to charge your car.

Here local where I live, about 1/2 mile away is a big casino, they got the okay to build a SECOND casino right next door, completely different casino, not related to the one that is there now. WHY? It is going to use more electricty, if anyone knows that casinos use ALOT of electricty to run all the machines.

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