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Country of Origin

I really need a new flipping job, I don’t know if anyone knows about the new federal law here in the united states, but all produce and bulk food has to be signed with the Country of Origin (where its from) You can read more about the federal law here in detail if you are still without a clue to which I am talking about. 

Today I swear to god I was setup, my department manager asked me to fill the carrots, so I did, him and the co-manager walked past me filling up the carrots and he looks at the case the carrots came in and he said “where they from” I said “I dunno, USA” and he goes “well how do you know” I did not say a word, well the rule is if it is not labeled where its from you have to call the warehouse to find out where its from, even though I know the carrots are from California, USA. I had all the carrots filled, so being the dick that I am, I unfilled all the carrots, tossed them back in the box and went to the back, called the warehouse and low and behold they were from California, USA. So now that I was 100% sure where they were from I went back out to the floor and filled the carrots.

About five minutes later my department manager, and co-manager called all of us to the back to discuss about the ‘COOL’ signing (Country of Origin) and our co-manager said “I am not going to take the fault, and your department manager is not going to take the fault, so we are going to have to coach the associates” I am like this is flipping bullshit, at that point I was happy it was almost time to go home because I really just wanted to walk out of there throw my badge on the floor and leave but good thing that it was pretty much time to go home because that really pissed me off.

My goal now to get hired by the State of Washington, I have the application right here in my hot little hands, Jeniece’s mom said she can get us jobs with the State of Washington, they are turning her building that she currently works in, into a Washington State call center, which she told us starting pay would be double what we are making now.

photo-2Whoooaaa that image needs flipped. 😛

We will see how that goes.


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