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Whats your favorite social networking site? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter.


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New Blog

Welcome to my all NEW blog, I decided to start a new blog, I was going to stop blogging, well it has been really hard not being about to rant and rave and vent, I know I could do that to say my girlfriend or something, but I am sure she gets tired of hearing me bitch, sometimes I would rather just type it out. This is going to be just a short first post. First of all, on the right side of this page is just a quick run down of me, if you would like to learn more about me, I recommend visiting my various links I have on the right hand side, you can check out my facebook page (feel free to add me as a friend), see all my digital pictures on my flickr photostream, and also I have a webcam that you can feel free to watch me like a fly on the wall. 😛

Well thats it for tonight. I look forward to writing here on WordPress, and meeting new people.

Thanks for the time,

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