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My review I placed on about Comcast.

I recently moved, prior to me moving I was with Comcast HSI, I decided to give Qwest DSL a try, okay exactly 28 days it was fine, so not even a full month. It crapped out, the modem said it was connected (according the lights on the modem) But when I went into the stats of the modem it said Connection: Down, IP Address: so I tried to click reconnect, it came up with a message saying “Unable to Connect, Please Contact the Help Desk” so I contacted Qwest and the guy who answered did not even say “Thank You for calling Qwest” Yada Yada Yada, he just said “Hello, I need your number and first and last name” and he said “You give me permission to access your account” Hmm I did call you for support so YES, he was very rude, I explained my problem he said “Nothing I can do for you, our service is up and running” I hung up on him and called up Comcast and got my service rehooked up. Comcast FTW. WAY better customer service, service is great, the only bad point I have is that it is expensive, but you get what you pay for 🙂

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