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How cool WordPress, I am so happy I am able to have a widget for my twitter updates, I am happy I decided to move my blog over to WordPress afterall. Feel free to follow me on twitter

I was reading news this morning and came across a story that in the state of California they are wanting to ban certain color cars, like the color black because they say lighter cars you will use your A/C less in the summer which is cause you to use less gas, and lighter cars stay cooler then darker cars. This made me think for a second, what color is all the cars that the president rides in? Black. Just something to think about.

People seem to be out and about spending money again according to CNN You can read the whole story here, I been hearing on the news that people are hording their money and not spending, which is causing all these business to have to fold and close their doors. Here in Spokane, Washington we have had very little impack as far people not spending Money, unless I live a sheltered life because I work at Wal-Mart, because we are always busy, doing better then last year.


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