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June 19 2009 Lightning Storm – Spokane Washington Pt. 1


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June 17th Lightning Storm – Spokane Washington Pt. 2

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June 17th Lightning Storm – Spokane Washington Pt. 1

Part 1 of the lightning storm that rolled through Spokane Washington on June 17th 2009, The best of the show was after I was recording, it started pouring/hailing and got very windy. Went inside to get safe, but the storm moved right over us and could of been bad if I was still outside ūüôā

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Social Networking

Whats your favorite social networking site? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter.

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Scott’s LIVE Webcam

Well 10 years ago this month back in 1999 I was popular in the whole webcam world and thanks to the help of Gary over at I brought back Scott’s LIVE Webcam, but alot has changed since 1999, today we have fast broadband, live full HD streaming audio video and it does not cost a dime, except for your monthly cost for your internet service.





So check out Scott’s Live Webcam at or


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Mom is Crazy

Okay seriously my mom is being crazy, for the last time I am tired of being hung up on, I dont know if she was in the wrong or if I am the one in the wrong, but seriously I did nothing wrong. Okay first of all we are dropping Verizon because we are not getting the quality of service that we use to, we no longer get a good signal, lots of dropped calls and have to either sit in the window or go out on the balcony to be able to talk on the phone so we switched to T-Mobile, and what do you know? FULL SIGNAL and NO DROPPED CALLS, we did try to let verizon solve our problem but wow they were not really caring that we were getting shitty service just as long as we pay our bill and continue to be a customer. So anyways we dropped them, well we still have the service because we just paid the bill and we have a whole month of service left. So my mom is on our plan as another phone which only cost her 9.99 amonth (WHAT A DEAL) we let her know that we are dropping verizon and we went to T-Mobile and she can go pick out her phone and we can add her on our T-Mobile service, OH NO she would rather go with her own service and go get a new phone, so she called us the day before yesterday and said she was just going to take over her phone line and continue the contract for that phone in her own name, so lastnight she called me and said “You have to have Jeniece call verizon, they wont talk to me” blah blah blah and I told her that she already talked to verizon and you have to call them, here I am getting frustrated because I really dont know all the details as far as getting that phone transfered out of Jenieces name and into my moms so I said do you want to talk to Jeniece? and she said they just told me she has to call and have it changed, okay im like okay whatever I really dont understand, Jeniece said in the background that she will call after she finishes dinner and I repeated what she said to my mom and she hung up on me, then I get a email from her saying nevermind she will just go out and get her own service and new phone and we can have the phone back and have fun paying the $150 diconnection fee. Ohhhhh that pissed me off. Now that I got my venting done, I did not call her this morning, and she has tried to call me a couple times, but I dont want to hear it.


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Long Time

Its been a long time since I blogged, so here I am, I really dont have anything to blog about, Jeniece and I started up a new website called NewCookerz.Com where you can find recipes for¬†tonight’s¬†dinner or tips and howto’s when it comes to cooking, please keep in mind that the website is a work in progress. The weather here has been nice, cold, wet, it has been typical spring weather, I am ready for warmer weather which they are calling weekend to be really nice and 70 degrees which I cant wait.

Is it just me or is the economy getting even more shitty? They say things will get better, my question is WHEN? It is just getting worse and I think President Obama has put the United States deeper and deeper in the hole and we all might as well be homeless and live in the streets and everyone be equal.

I been trying to find a new job because Wal-Mart sucks but there is just no one hiring, well this was a waste of a blog entry but being I have not blogged for awhile I thought I would at lease blog about something, I think the reason I have not blogged in awhile has to do with the weather getting better and spending less time on the computer, I started this blog on the May 14th, and here it is the 20th and I am just now finishing blogging. LOL I am such a loser, feel free to comment or email me at and give me a topic to blog about because I really have ran out of ideas.


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Typical Work Day

I twittered¬†last night¬†that I was not looking forward to today, I got replys back saying. “Overcome that negative thing and turn it into a positive. Only difference between a good and bad day is how you view it.” and today a reply saying “Do you ever have a non-crappy day working at Walmart?? LOL. I’ve never heard you say… “What an awesome day at work today!!”¬†

So I thought I would blog about my typical work day, and I dont know if today was a good day to blog about this subject because today was a shitty day.

I work at Wal-Mart and the apartment complex I live in is right behind Wal-Mart so I walk to work, so I arrive at work at 4am, walked to the back and I clocked in, I work with a guy every morning who also works the early shift, we both clock in at the same time, I get to the department (Produce) about 4:02am. and my co-worker after he makes his rounds saying hello to everyone, he makes it to the department about 4:20-25ish and then he has to talk some more, he spends about an hour just talking to everyone before he actually does something, awhile back I had a closed availability work schedule to be able to have the same days off as Jeniece and to be able to be able to do family things, I had Fridays and Saturdays off, well all that changed, I was told if I want to keep my full time job, I cant have Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays off, I have to have a open availability, and if I did that I can continue to have my 4am shift and my days off, well I was lied to, I was given Thursdays and Fridays off and now for the next 3 weeks after tomorrow I have a closing schedule and Jeniece has completely opposite shifts as me and she has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. I keep asking about my schedule and I keep getting lied to and different excuses, lately they have been doing some mass firings, and I noticed this morning when the overnighters were leaving loss prevention was at the front doors basicly frisking them as they were leaving, checking  their begs, feeling their pockets. They are finding every way possible to find ways to fire people. The overnighter in my department was telling me, no matter how good you are at your job, they will find something that they can fire you.

With how the Economy is, they are taking advantage of it and basically playing games. I am 27 years old and I am too old for head games, it feels a lot like being in High School all over again.

Back to my Typical Work Day,¬†management¬†walks the floor around 7:30am and they never have anything positive to say, it is all negative, do this do that, then they threaten your job with customers within ‘listen’ distance. ¬†I look forward to my first break, then I go to lunch and come back and bragging that I only have 3 more hours left and then I cant wait till my last break, then I cant wait to get off work.

The co-worker I work with which is a total slacker is such a brown noser and never has to hear about anything as far problems, I am always the person management goes to and asks, why is this not done, etc, I don’t understand what I have done to be treated like shit all the time, im the only person that is getting¬†bounced around on the schedule. Ohh I cant blog about this anymore it just makes me more pissed off, time to fix dinner.

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Typical Spring Weather

Storm rolling in with strong winds.

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Sales are down!

You know the economy is getting worse when you work for the #1 retailer (Walmart) and sales are down, and they start sending people home, on the plus side, it is a nice day outside, I am home!!! Happy to be off work, but now is when you start to worry about the economy up until now I was not really worried with how the economy. It really seems like things are getting worse and worse now, so many people out of work, so I ran over to the bank to get my cashiers check because I had to pay rent, went over to the leasing office to pay it and I was talking to the manager, and she was telling me so many people are moving out today due to people loosing their jobs, no longer can afford to pay rent, and on top of that, no body to fill the empty apartments once they move out. I live in a very big apartment complex with close to 400 apartments.

Everything in this lifetime is just starting to get worse, is us humans going to start just dying out? A deadly flu called the Swine Flu seems to be spreading at a rapid rate, what is the swine flu? Hell if I know, I just know it is deadly and it is killing people.

Swine influenza
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Swine influenza (also swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu) refers to influenza caused by any strain of the influenza virus endemic in pigs (swine). Strains endemic in swine are called swine influenza virus (SIV).

Okay so that is what it is, which started in mexico , and day before yesterday was only in 5 states, now its like in 11 states including my state (Washington) which just yesterday morning said it was no where near Washington.

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