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Mom is Crazy

Okay seriously my mom is being crazy, for the last time I am tired of being hung up on, I dont know if she was in the wrong or if I am the one in the wrong, but seriously I did nothing wrong. Okay first of all we are dropping Verizon because we are not getting the quality of service that we use to, we no longer get a good signal, lots of dropped calls and have to either sit in the window or go out on the balcony to be able to talk on the phone so we switched to T-Mobile, and what do you know? FULL SIGNAL and NO DROPPED CALLS, we did try to let verizon solve our problem but wow they were not really caring that we were getting shitty service just as long as we pay our bill and continue to be a customer. So anyways we dropped them, well we still have the service because we just paid the bill and we have a whole month of service left. So my mom is on our plan as another phone which only cost her 9.99 amonth (WHAT A DEAL) we let her know that we are dropping verizon and we went to T-Mobile and she can go pick out her phone and we can add her on our T-Mobile service, OH NO she would rather go with her own service and go get a new phone, so she called us the day before yesterday and said she was just going to take over her phone line and continue the contract for that phone in her own name, so lastnight she called me and said “You have to have Jeniece call verizon, they wont talk to me” blah blah blah and I told her that she already talked to verizon and you have to call them, here I am getting frustrated because I really dont know all the details as far as getting that phone transfered out of Jenieces name and into my moms so I said do you want to talk to Jeniece? and she said they just told me she has to call and have it changed, okay im like okay whatever I really dont understand, Jeniece said in the background that she will call after she finishes dinner and I repeated what she said to my mom and she hung up on me, then I get a email from her saying nevermind she will just go out and get her own service and new phone and we can have the phone back and have fun paying the $150 diconnection fee. Ohhhhh that pissed me off. Now that I got my venting done, I did not call her this morning, and she has tried to call me a couple times, but I dont want to hear it.



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