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Rude People

Are news reporters really that rude when they are off camera? I was watching this local stations RAW LIVE news report that was being streamed live over the internet, and in between the TV report live feeds the news reporter was like “FUCK THIS, WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO BE HERE?” “THIS IS A WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME” she went on and on the entire time she was on the scene doing this news report, which happen to be a report of a Motel Fire, that affected 10 familys, and people loosing everything they have, I am sorry but being unemployeed, I would sure love to take her job, and actually like my job. Does she not like her job? Is your job really a waste of time? Well try being unemployeed. I am not saying being unemployeed is a bad thing, because it has had its great points, I have been able to spend more time with friends and family and also finally Marry my wonderful girlfriend who is now my wonderful wife. Life has been pretty good.

But anyways what gave her the right, while on the job, to talk shit like that? I am thinking she did not know she was live over the internet in between TV Broadcasts.

For the past month there has been a 04-05 Honda Civic sitting out on the street, it has just been sitting there with plates on it, nor a temp in the window, but prior to yesterday we really did not think anything of it, which now I wish I would of looked in the car before yesterday, we got yesterday and noticed someone sent a rock through the drivers side window, so I walked over to the car and looked in the window and the dash board was torn apart and the stearing colum was missing and it defently was hot wired and is to my understanding a stolen car, so my wife called the cops and I cant believe how fast they showed up, they were so excited, it was like “OH COOL ANOTHER STOLEN CAR” I am just happy the car is no longer on the street basicly an invite saying STEAL MY PARTS, or SOMETHING WE CAN TRASH. I feel bad whos ever the person owned the car.

I have pictures from the day my wife and I got married, so I hope to get those edited and put up soon.


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Long Time

Its been a long time since I blogged, so here I am, I really dont have anything to blog about, Jeniece and I started up a new website called NewCookerz.Com where you can find recipes for tonight’s dinner or tips and howto’s when it comes to cooking, please keep in mind that the website is a work in progress. The weather here has been nice, cold, wet, it has been typical spring weather, I am ready for warmer weather which they are calling weekend to be really nice and 70 degrees which I cant wait.

Is it just me or is the economy getting even more shitty? They say things will get better, my question is WHEN? It is just getting worse and I think President Obama has put the United States deeper and deeper in the hole and we all might as well be homeless and live in the streets and everyone be equal.

I been trying to find a new job because Wal-Mart sucks but there is just no one hiring, well this was a waste of a blog entry but being I have not blogged for awhile I thought I would at lease blog about something, I think the reason I have not blogged in awhile has to do with the weather getting better and spending less time on the computer, I started this blog on the May 14th, and here it is the 20th and I am just now finishing blogging. LOL I am such a loser, feel free to comment or email me at and give me a topic to blog about because I really have ran out of ideas.


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Typical Work Day

I twittered last night that I was not looking forward to today, I got replys back saying. “Overcome that negative thing and turn it into a positive. Only difference between a good and bad day is how you view it.” and today a reply saying “Do you ever have a non-crappy day working at Walmart?? LOL. I’ve never heard you say… “What an awesome day at work today!!” 

So I thought I would blog about my typical work day, and I dont know if today was a good day to blog about this subject because today was a shitty day.

I work at Wal-Mart and the apartment complex I live in is right behind Wal-Mart so I walk to work, so I arrive at work at 4am, walked to the back and I clocked in, I work with a guy every morning who also works the early shift, we both clock in at the same time, I get to the department (Produce) about 4:02am. and my co-worker after he makes his rounds saying hello to everyone, he makes it to the department about 4:20-25ish and then he has to talk some more, he spends about an hour just talking to everyone before he actually does something, awhile back I had a closed availability work schedule to be able to have the same days off as Jeniece and to be able to be able to do family things, I had Fridays and Saturdays off, well all that changed, I was told if I want to keep my full time job, I cant have Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays off, I have to have a open availability, and if I did that I can continue to have my 4am shift and my days off, well I was lied to, I was given Thursdays and Fridays off and now for the next 3 weeks after tomorrow I have a closing schedule and Jeniece has completely opposite shifts as me and she has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. I keep asking about my schedule and I keep getting lied to and different excuses, lately they have been doing some mass firings, and I noticed this morning when the overnighters were leaving loss prevention was at the front doors basicly frisking them as they were leaving, checking  their begs, feeling their pockets. They are finding every way possible to find ways to fire people. The overnighter in my department was telling me, no matter how good you are at your job, they will find something that they can fire you.

With how the Economy is, they are taking advantage of it and basically playing games. I am 27 years old and I am too old for head games, it feels a lot like being in High School all over again.

Back to my Typical Work Day, management walks the floor around 7:30am and they never have anything positive to say, it is all negative, do this do that, then they threaten your job with customers within ‘listen’ distance.  I look forward to my first break, then I go to lunch and come back and bragging that I only have 3 more hours left and then I cant wait till my last break, then I cant wait to get off work.

The co-worker I work with which is a total slacker is such a brown noser and never has to hear about anything as far problems, I am always the person management goes to and asks, why is this not done, etc, I don’t understand what I have done to be treated like shit all the time, im the only person that is getting bounced around on the schedule. Ohh I cant blog about this anymore it just makes me more pissed off, time to fix dinner.

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Country of Origin

I really need a new flipping job, I don’t know if anyone knows about the new federal law here in the united states, but all produce and bulk food has to be signed with the Country of Origin (where its from) You can read more about the federal law here in detail if you are still without a clue to which I am talking about. 

Today I swear to god I was setup, my department manager asked me to fill the carrots, so I did, him and the co-manager walked past me filling up the carrots and he looks at the case the carrots came in and he said “where they from” I said “I dunno, USA” and he goes “well how do you know” I did not say a word, well the rule is if it is not labeled where its from you have to call the warehouse to find out where its from, even though I know the carrots are from California, USA. I had all the carrots filled, so being the dick that I am, I unfilled all the carrots, tossed them back in the box and went to the back, called the warehouse and low and behold they were from California, USA. So now that I was 100% sure where they were from I went back out to the floor and filled the carrots.

About five minutes later my department manager, and co-manager called all of us to the back to discuss about the ‘COOL’ signing (Country of Origin) and our co-manager said “I am not going to take the fault, and your department manager is not going to take the fault, so we are going to have to coach the associates” I am like this is flipping bullshit, at that point I was happy it was almost time to go home because I really just wanted to walk out of there throw my badge on the floor and leave but good thing that it was pretty much time to go home because that really pissed me off.

My goal now to get hired by the State of Washington, I have the application right here in my hot little hands, Jeniece’s mom said she can get us jobs with the State of Washington, they are turning her building that she currently works in, into a Washington State call center, which she told us starting pay would be double what we are making now.

photo-2Whoooaaa that image needs flipped. 😛

We will see how that goes.

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Crappy Week Ahead

What a crappy week I have to look forward to, well on Tuesday I had to work an rather odd shift, which I had to work 9am to 6pm and I know some of you are saying, thats not a odd shift, thats normal, well it is not normal for me, for the past year I have been working everyday 4am to 1pm, then I got switched, now next week or this week the way I look at it, I have to work 1pm to 10pm, what the hell are they trying to do? Then the week after that I am back to 4am. The good thing about next week, starting Wednesday I will be on Vacation which I just got to get through this crappy week.

Well I am on my weekend, which brings me back to the crappy week, Jeniece had the last couple days off and I have today and tomorrow.

Well that is it for the rant and rave 🙂 I dont have all that much to share in this posting.  :o)


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