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Sales are down!

You know the economy is getting worse when you work for the #1 retailer (Walmart) and sales are down, and they start sending people home, on the plus side, it is a nice day outside, I am home!!! Happy to be off work, but now is when you start to worry about the economy up until now I was not really worried with how the economy. It really seems like things are getting worse and worse now, so many people out of work, so I ran over to the bank to get my cashiers check because I had to pay rent, went over to the leasing office to pay it and I was talking to the manager, and she was telling me so many people are moving out today due to people loosing their jobs, no longer can afford to pay rent, and on top of that, no body to fill the empty apartments once they move out. I live in a very big apartment complex with close to 400 apartments.

Everything in this lifetime is just starting to get worse, is us humans going to start just dying out? A deadly flu called the Swine Flu seems to be spreading at a rapid rate, what is the swine flu? Hell if I know, I just know it is deadly and it is killing people.

Swine influenza
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Swine influenza (also swine fluhog flu, and pig flu) refers to influenza caused by any strain of the influenza virus endemic in pigs (swine). Strains endemic in swine are called swine influenza virus (SIV).

Okay so that is what it is, which started in mexico , and day before yesterday was only in 5 states, now its like in 11 states including my state (Washington) which just yesterday morning said it was no where near Washington.


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Country of Origin

I really need a new flipping job, I don’t know if anyone knows about the new federal law here in the united states, but all produce and bulk food has to be signed with the Country of Origin (where its from) You can read more about the federal law here in detail if you are still without a clue to which I am talking about. 

Today I swear to god I was setup, my department manager asked me to fill the carrots, so I did, him and the co-manager walked past me filling up the carrots and he looks at the case the carrots came in and he said “where they from” I said “I dunno, USA” and he goes “well how do you know” I did not say a word, well the rule is if it is not labeled where its from you have to call the warehouse to find out where its from, even though I know the carrots are from California, USA. I had all the carrots filled, so being the dick that I am, I unfilled all the carrots, tossed them back in the box and went to the back, called the warehouse and low and behold they were from California, USA. So now that I was 100% sure where they were from I went back out to the floor and filled the carrots.

About five minutes later my department manager, and co-manager called all of us to the back to discuss about the ‘COOL’ signing (Country of Origin) and our co-manager said “I am not going to take the fault, and your department manager is not going to take the fault, so we are going to have to coach the associates” I am like this is flipping bullshit, at that point I was happy it was almost time to go home because I really just wanted to walk out of there throw my badge on the floor and leave but good thing that it was pretty much time to go home because that really pissed me off.

My goal now to get hired by the State of Washington, I have the application right here in my hot little hands, Jeniece’s mom said she can get us jobs with the State of Washington, they are turning her building that she currently works in, into a Washington State call center, which she told us starting pay would be double what we are making now.

photo-2Whoooaaa that image needs flipped. 😛

We will see how that goes.

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Oh I have been such a slacker, I have not updated my blog here in a few days, well alot of it has to do with my schedule at work this past week, which I had to work 1pm – 10pm which I have not worked in over a year, yes it sucked.

Today was a rather busy day, I had to get my haircut, oil change, try to find some new clothes which all I could find was a new shirt. Then went to visit my mom for a few and now I am home. I am going to cut this short, I am going to finish up the laundry, unload the dishwasher and call it a night.


^ My Haircut 🙂

Off to Seattle for the weekend. 🙂


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Man this is like the 4th day in a row with this awesome weather we are having, it is very nice outside, where a week ago we were wondering where the heck is Spring. We still had snow flying and we got like 3 inches of snow and I was like, is it ever going to warm up and turn into Spring?

Well I been thinking long and hard for the past couple days about changing some of my crazy routines/habbits I have, I tend to spend ALOT of time online and I been thinking I am going to change that and spend less time online, and spend just enough time to get done what I like to look up online and then be done, and not sit here for hours on end and avoid/ignore things, I admit Ispend too much time behind this computer and I also admit that there is more to life then sitting at the computer doing pointless things that will get me no where in life.  I also been thinking  that a house or in my case my apartment is to be lived in and not to be a car dealer ships show room, where everything is on display and heaven for bid if you touch anything. Those are just some of the things I am changing.

However the most important thing I am changing about my self is my attitude, I need to stop letting things get to me and just stop and smell the roses as they call it and enjoy life, enjoy being with my wonderful girlfriend, and put a smile on my face 🙂 <–smile

I set my self a limit as far as my computer usage, and that is 3 hours to do what I like to do, and any other amount of time spent online is for paying bills, online banking, replying to email.


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Crappy Week Ahead

What a crappy week I have to look forward to, well on Tuesday I had to work an rather odd shift, which I had to work 9am to 6pm and I know some of you are saying, thats not a odd shift, thats normal, well it is not normal for me, for the past year I have been working everyday 4am to 1pm, then I got switched, now next week or this week the way I look at it, I have to work 1pm to 10pm, what the hell are they trying to do? Then the week after that I am back to 4am. The good thing about next week, starting Wednesday I will be on Vacation which I just got to get through this crappy week.

Well I am on my weekend, which brings me back to the crappy week, Jeniece had the last couple days off and I have today and tomorrow.

Well that is it for the rant and rave 🙂 I dont have all that much to share in this posting.  :o)


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Jamed Packed

This is going to be a Jamed Packed post, not going to be blogging about one subject but going to be hitting on a few things, first of all. Does anyone live where they have a WinCo grocery store? Well a month ago we got our first WinCo Foods, which seems to try to out beat Wal-Mart on prices, they try to be the leader when it comes to a grocery store, two days ago we got our SECOND WinCo Foods, and as if one was not enough, lastnight we went to check out the new WinCo Foods and I am not impressed, we bought a few things, but just a handful of things because their prices were not better then Wal-Mart, only on a couple things that gets you in the door to buy those items, then your thinking ‘oh these prices are good’ well if you actually compare the prices between WinCo Foods and Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart was actually cheaper. First when you walk in, it reminds me of a foodbank, then like most grocery stores, you enter the Produce department first and right there I was not impressed with the quality of the produce, beings I work in the Produce department at Wal-Mart that is one thing I look at, as we walked around the store, I was looking at everything and they have alot of brands I have never heard of. The next items I was looking at was Soda/Pop prices and Wal-Mart is actually cheaper so moving right along. So we going through the checkout and the one thing that turns me off to WinCo Foods is that you have to bag your own grocerys which completly takes away the customer service. Will I go back? Just to get a couple of things like our Juice we drink because WinCo has the larger sizes.

All week I have been having nothing but problems with my home phone with Qwest, well more them problems, I dont have a dialtone, I cant make calls or receive calls, I have been on the phone with Qwest, they are even on Twitter, its been a week and they have not solved the problem, they keep telling me to do this do that, go out to the box. Mind you I live in an apartment. They ask me questions everyday I contact them (Via Twitter) Have you contacted the repair department today? HELLO MORON…. I CANT USE MY PHONE. I told them I am not going to pay a dime till they fix it. I am actually going to cancel the service because I dont care to pay my money to a bunch of morons. A week ago I canceled my DSL through Qwest because it just stopped working, I went into the DSL Modems stats and it said that it could not connect and please contact the help desk, I call up Qwest, they basicly said im a idiot and their service is working and there is nothing they can do for me. I hung up on the rude guy and called back the next day and canceled my account, now this week my home phone does not work.

I am about ready to bust out the Christmas Tree because it sure and hell feels like Winter again. It snowed 3+ inches overnight. Lastime I looked at the Calendar it was SPRING.


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