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Happy Friday

It is a Happy Friday, well happy weekend to me, yep that is right I have the next two days off, and this week has been a LONG week, it just seemed to go by REALLY slow for some odd reason. I really dont have any plans to do anything other then go over to our parents houses, today was a rather good day for a change, everything seemed to go smooth, we got all the freight done this morning really fast and that left with really nothing to do after lunch, which how I plan my lunches is I go right before my five hour mark, get back from lunch then I only have three hours left, which that time I had left when I got back from lunch I did nothing but alot of cleaning beings we really did not have that much to do, so that made for a good Friday.

I am just waiting for Jeniece to get off, oh she is OFF, she just called. So I am going to wrap this up.

Enjoy this funny cartoon about twitter.

Are you a twitter?  feel free to add me.


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