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Problem Solving

I woke up this morning asking my self a couple questions, it was really weird that I woke wondering these things so I had to jump on the computer and open up notepad and jot them down and I told my self, hey that would be a good blog posting. So here we go, why are we solving problems by creating problems? Obama is bailing out all these banks, companys. Okay so that solves a problem, but it creates a problem because the money that is being used is just adding to our debt which creates a new problem, which really does not solve the problem.

This past Saturday from 8:30pm till 9:30pm was earth hour, that is where you shut off your lights and other powered equipment to conserve energy, okay what did that solve? It is going to take more then hour, now that brings me up to these new electric cars that they want you to buy to go ‘green’ you buy this nifty electric car, now at night when you have it parked in your garage you need to plug it in so it can charge, problem solved, now you can get in your nifty little green car and drive to work. Well you can get to work, but that is not conserving energy, your using energy/electricty whatever you want to call it to charge your car.

Here local where I live, about 1/2 mile away is a big casino, they got the okay to build a SECOND casino right next door, completely different casino, not related to the one that is there now. WHY? It is going to use more electricty, if anyone knows that casinos use ALOT of electricty to run all the machines.


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Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour, instead of shutting off my lights, I turned them all on. Happy Earth Hour.

Edited: Please note that every light was on just for the shooting of this short 1 minute and 18 second video. After the video I went to bed. This was just a joke, no need to get all pissed off.

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Spring or Winter?

It is suppost to be spring, but it sure looks like winter.

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Earth Hour


Well tonight is the night, turn off your lights from 8:30pm till 9pm for one hour, well I am going to turn on ALLLLL my lights well for at least a half hour LOL, I go to bed at 9pm because I work early in the morning so I will turn the lights off at 9 and call it earth half hour LOL


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How cool WordPress, I am so happy I am able to have a widget for my twitter updates, I am happy I decided to move my blog over to WordPress afterall. Feel free to follow me on twitter

I was reading news this morning and came across a story that in the state of California they are wanting to ban certain color cars, like the color black because they say lighter cars you will use your A/C less in the summer which is cause you to use less gas, and lighter cars stay cooler then darker cars. This made me think for a second, what color is all the cars that the president rides in? Black. Just something to think about.

People seem to be out and about spending money again according to CNN You can read the whole story here, I been hearing on the news that people are hording their money and not spending, which is causing all these business to have to fold and close their doors. Here in Spokane, Washington we have had very little impack as far people not spending Money, unless I live a sheltered life because I work at Wal-Mart, because we are always busy, doing better then last year.

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Comcast Review





My review I placed on about Comcast.

I recently moved, prior to me moving I was with Comcast HSI, I decided to give Qwest DSL a try, okay exactly 28 days it was fine, so not even a full month. It crapped out, the modem said it was connected (according the lights on the modem) But when I went into the stats of the modem it said Connection: Down, IP Address: so I tried to click reconnect, it came up with a message saying “Unable to Connect, Please Contact the Help Desk” so I contacted Qwest and the guy who answered did not even say “Thank You for calling Qwest” Yada Yada Yada, he just said “Hello, I need your number and first and last name” and he said “You give me permission to access your account” Hmm I did call you for support so YES, he was very rude, I explained my problem he said “Nothing I can do for you, our service is up and running” I hung up on him and called up Comcast and got my service rehooked up. Comcast FTW. WAY better customer service, service is great, the only bad point I have is that it is expensive, but you get what you pay for 🙂

Full review here:

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Happy Friday

It is a Happy Friday, well happy weekend to me, yep that is right I have the next two days off, and this week has been a LONG week, it just seemed to go by REALLY slow for some odd reason. I really dont have any plans to do anything other then go over to our parents houses, today was a rather good day for a change, everything seemed to go smooth, we got all the freight done this morning really fast and that left with really nothing to do after lunch, which how I plan my lunches is I go right before my five hour mark, get back from lunch then I only have three hours left, which that time I had left when I got back from lunch I did nothing but alot of cleaning beings we really did not have that much to do, so that made for a good Friday.

I am just waiting for Jeniece to get off, oh she is OFF, she just called. So I am going to wrap this up.

Enjoy this funny cartoon about twitter.

Are you a twitter?  feel free to add me.

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Past Blogs

Alright one of the things in the past with my blogs is I never got really any visitors to my blog so I found writing a blog posting was a waste of my time, so this time around I thought well maybe I will give WordPress a shot being it is the #1 blog posting site so maybe people will find my blog this way. Well I have had this blog for about 24 hours now and well it disapoints me, ZERO visitors to the blog okay so what gives? My question is, how do people become so popular in this ‘blogging world’? I guess I really dont understand. Maybe my first blog post was too short? I have done lots of blogging in the past but never really had anyone interested in what I had to blog about.

Really other then blogging about my boring life which does not change from day to day like normal people, I dont know you be the judge.

Today I woke up at 2:45am, I got it was like every other day, I got in the shower, got ready for work, poured a cup of coffee, sat at the computer and I browsed everything new and exciting, which of course was NOTHING it was the same old crap, the newspaper had 70 posted jobs which use to be over 200 back before the economy went to crap, then I headed to work at 3:45am, stocked freight all day in my department, which is Produce at Wal-Mart, came home and waited for Jeniece to get off work, which she also works at Wal-Mart in the Meat department, she got off at 4pm, we watched the news, I made dinner and then went to Starbucks, got coffee and now I am sitting here blogging.

Pretty boring. I can see why no one would want to read my blogs. I have a question. Feel free to leave a comment, giving me advise or leave a general comment.

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New Blog

Welcome to my all NEW blog, I decided to start a new blog, I was going to stop blogging, well it has been really hard not being about to rant and rave and vent, I know I could do that to say my girlfriend or something, but I am sure she gets tired of hearing me bitch, sometimes I would rather just type it out. This is going to be just a short first post. First of all, on the right side of this page is just a quick run down of me, if you would like to learn more about me, I recommend visiting my various links I have on the right hand side, you can check out my facebook page (feel free to add me as a friend), see all my digital pictures on my flickr photostream, and also I have a webcam that you can feel free to watch me like a fly on the wall. 😛

Well thats it for tonight. I look forward to writing here on WordPress, and meeting new people.

Thanks for the time,

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